2019: Surfacing

It’s seemed like a remarkably long winter here in the UK. During the long, dark, cold winter nights – unless you’re lucky enough to have squeezed in a dive trip overseas – scuba diving, sadly, hasn’t been a regular occurrence. Marcus, Louise and Ian have been getting itchy fins!!

Ready to record! (L-R) Duncan, Ian, Marcus, Louise

Despite the lack of actual diving, it’s been a valuable and productive time for the Scuba Confidential gang. Marcus has spent some time familiarising himself with the editing software and some of our new recording equipment. Lou has uncovered some great news items to share on the podcast and social media. Ian has been busy scouring the internet for episode inspiration, diving history facts and ideas…..or, at least, that what he says he’s been looking at online…!

Spring is now just around the corner and it’s that time of year when divers begin to surface from their winter hibernation. Dive centres become increasingly busy with ex-divers returning to the sport and taking re-activate/refresher programmes. Dive equipment, kept in storage during the winter is dug out, fettled and prepared for the summer ahead. Regulators are serviced. Computers have battery changes and pressure tests. Trusty (and sometimes crusty!) dry suits are examined to check that they’re still seaworthy!

With all this in mind, we've been shining the light on equipment servicing at Scuba Confidential. In the latest episode, we invite a friend of the podcast, Duncan Baldwin in for a chat about his experiences as an instructor and qualified service technician. Often found lurking in his workshop like Gollum with a packet of chocolate biscuits, we've managed to prise him away from the ultrasound machine and into daylight (with the promise of cake) to share his tips for regulator care. With over twenty years’ experience, Duncan has been known to service hundreds of sets of regulators during busy seasons so he’s certainly a man in the know when it comes maintaining dive kit.

With some support and input from Louise’s husband, “The Bear” (see Episode 6: Narked Off), we’re now the proud owners of an improved recording set-up.

Ultimately, the new recording gear should provide our loyal listeners with some better sound quality as we begin to understand how to use it to its full potential and we hone our technique! A massive thank-you goes out to all our Patreon contributors who have supported us so far…. every little helps!

We’re also reaching out to guests for forthcoming episodes. Alongside our regular guest and marine science guru, Samantha, we plan to bring on board some diving knowledge from South Africa, Cyprus and South East Asia as the year progresses. We’re planning on dedicating a few special episodes to hallowed UK dive sites, such as the legendary Scapa Flow.

Finally, this weekend (22-24 February 2019), the Scuba Confidential gang are going on a road trip! We’re heading down to the ‘Go Diving’ show in Coventry where we’re hoping to be intrigued by some of the promoted exotic diving destinations, view exciting new diving equipment and be inspired by some of the guest speakers. If you happen to see us wandering around, say hello! We’re very happy to share a coffee and some dive chat.

The latest episode is currently on a safety stop in the editing room and should be breaking the surface on Friday 22 February on iTunes, Stitcher, Libsyn, Spotify, Acast and iTunes – as well as our website.

Stayed tuned!


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