First Breaths

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

No-one is born wearing a pair of fins. We all take those first breaths. Do you remember that first pool or confined water session? Listening intently to the instructor briefing you. Trying to absorb the key information. Excited, yet with a sense of apprehension that it’s a step into the unknown; an alien environment you’d only seen on the TV. Hold that feeling…that feeling was precisely what we experienced when we first switched on the microphone to record the first Scuba Confidential podcast!

Except there was no ‘Podcast Instructor’ to explain to us how to metaphorically inflate our jacket or recover our regulator. None of us are shiny, media-trained types – as a cursory look our photos will confirm! None of us have any special ‘podcast training’. Nevertheless, we huddled around the mic and took those first breaths. And, much like that first try dive, at the end of that first recording, we all looked at each other slightly wide-eyed at what we’d just done.

Afterwards, Louise went away and looked at social media platforms. Marcus went away to learn how to actually use the recording and editing software, hosting platforms and websites. Ian, overflowing with his usual enthusiasm and ideas, went away to look up some new words he’d learned in a dictionary.

In another part of the UK, Steve, now known colloquially as ‘Logo Steve’, designed our Scuba Confidential artwork. Our friends Ian and Lara, based in Italy, kindly gave us access to their back catalogue of music to pick and choose a piece of music that we liked.

2 dives, not 1.

At every stage, there was something to learn. At every stage a decision. There was more to this than we initially considered. As non-podcasters looking in, we’d naively thought “How tricky can it be? We buy a microphone, we press record and, when we’re done, we press another button and it appears on iTunes…boom!

We were wrong.

It all took a little longer than anticipated to get up and running (just in case you’re wondering why in the opening episodes we’re talking about summer...when the episodes came out in October!!). Much like being a diving instructor, from the outside looking in it looks easy - if done correctly - and we were (and still are) on that steep podcast learning curve.

Dive Plan

As we mentioned in our welcome blog, when set out to record a podcast series we knew we had hopes and goals for it. We certainly didn’t expect the episodes to ‘go viral’ (as the cool kids say), but we hoped that anyone listening would enjoy listening to our witterings about scuba diving. We’re three good friends and wanted to try to somehow record and ‘bottle’ that friendly banter that everybody exchanges with their own buddies on the quayside, dive deck and liveaboard saloons the world over. We hope that comes over in the podcasts; certainly, Marcus says he's burst out laughing several times going back to edit some of the episodes! (bloopers podcast anyone?!?).

In theory, having a microphone in front of you, switched on, recording, shouldn’t make a lot of difference – but it does! If you’d like to try a thought experiment, imagine yourself on the phone with one of your close friends. You’re discussing what you’ve done over the previous weekend. Now imagine that anyone, anywhere in the world, could choose to listen to that conversation, download it and distribute it. Your parents, your boss, people you’ve never even met! Would that change – even in a small way – how you conduct that conversation? We tried to put those natural inhibitions to one side as much as we could.

Next came choices about the actual subject of each episode. Where to start? Scuba Diving is such a vast subject and the boundaries of it are blurry. In addition, do we claim to be experts in every area of diving? Certainly not! In fact, we often make a point of referring to ourselves as 3 scuba idiots simply giving our opinion on things. We wanted to make the subject matter accessible for people new to the sport – so that someone currently doing their initial Open Water Diver training would feel at home but, at the same time, gain a 'behind the scenes' perspective.

"Logo Steve" (Usually not wearing silly hat!)

After lots of discussions, debate and numerous cups of coffee, we thought the solution might be to start how all scuba diving starts, with a dive briefing. Start with the basics! It’s how everybody – whatever their agency, background or nationality begins their first diving adventure; right now, as you read this, someone, somewhere in the world, is completing an RSTC medical form and sitting down for their first ever dive briefing.

Then we considered how we could slowly begin to expand our horizons, little by little, discussing new topics, other aspects of diving and bringing in guests to add interest and expertise when needed.

And so that’s how it began. Several weeks later, when everything was in finally in place, we released the first 2-3 episodes. Listen here:

"Loving the podcast, keep up the good work 😁" - Daniel

The reaction to the first few episodes was much more positive than any of us could have imagined. The vast majority of those who streamed, downloaded and listened liked what they heard and understood what we were aiming for; we want listeners to feel that they’re sat with 3 friends chatting about diving (only without the chance to jump into the conversation in real time!).

"Loving the podcasts guys been listening along in my car! 🙂 makes my journey much more pleasant x" - Nikita

Continuing Education

Are we world experts on the environmental science? Technical diving and accelerated decompression profiles? Whether a JJ or a Meg is the better CCR unit? Freediving? Or the history of Bikini Atoll? No. And neither do we need to be. But, when the time comes to talk about different aspects of diving, we’ll find someone who is and get them on the podcast. Have something you have a burning desire to talk about? Get in touch and we’ll put you on the podcast!

We’re also going to invite guests on sometimes to talk about subjects tangential to diving that might be interesting to the podcast listeners; friends from around the globe who might give us their take on different aspects of our sport.

It's exciting times at Scuba Confidential, and If you’d like to be part of the Scuba Confidential mission, you can join in: help us make more.

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Stay tuned.

The Scuba Confidential Team


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