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Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Who are we? What do we do? What are we jabbering on about? Relax, here’s all you need to know…

Scuba Confidential is a new, independent and free podcast dedicated to the world of diving hosted by three friends: Marcus Knight, Ian Last and Louise Holmes. Chatting over a beer one evening back in 2017 all three of us decided it was high time scuba diving was owed a decent podcast, and so we set out to create a light-hearted look at the sport for divers and non-divers alike.

Our podcast will cover various subjects and discussions from marine conservation to the importance of dive briefings, however, we hope it also provides listeners with some valuable advice and information, encourages safety and good practice and is of some benefit to likeminded divers wishing to develop on their scuba journey.

We are all experienced professional divers. Marcus is a Master Instructor and over the past ten years has travelled around the world teaching from the Similan Islands off the coast of Thailand to the wreck heaven of Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands. A self-confessed movie geek, Marcus loves writing, travelling and can usually be found, headphones on, creating new articles on his laptop. Has an innate ability to fall asleep anywhere.

Ian and Louise are both PADI Divemasters and love helping new divers on their scuba adventures. Most of their diving takes place in the UK, so they seize the chance to dive in warm, clear locations whilst on their travels!

Ian, a gym fan and natural charmer, has been diving for over three years. Possessing a ton of enthusiasm and risqué jokes, Ian recently went on his first liveaboard holiday to the Red Sea and, bitten by the reef diving bug, plans to explore more dive locations further afield.

Louise has been diving since 2005. A music and gym fan, she loves chocolate and travelling and can often be found bouncing around the local dive centre where she works part-time.

Between us, we have over forty years' experience of diving all over the world, from the murky depths of UK quarries to the tropical wonders of South East Asia. Whilst we don’t proclaim to be experts in every field of scuba diving, we love sharing our experiences with new divers, seasoned scuba addicts, non-divers and anyone else who can be bothered to listen!

It’s important for all our listeners to know that we are fully independent and don’t represent any particular dive centre, school, agency or organisation. Any content, discussions or opinions expressed during our podcast or within our social media accounts are entirely our own.

If there’s anything you want to add, suggest or comment on, drop us an email at scubaconfidential@gmail.com.

Alternatively, you can like, comment and share our posts on Twitter @scubaconfident1, Facebook and Instagram at Scuba Confidential.

If you would like to support us via the membership platform Patreon you can find us at patreon.com/scubaconfidential. We fully appreciate any support which helps us continue our podcast.

We will also be inviting regular guests on to the show, from the world of diving and conservation to share their wisdom and tips, which we're very excited about.

It’s still early days for us at Scuba Confidential (go easy on us!) but we really hope you all enjoy listening to our shows! We have so many new ideas and subjects of discussion which we plan on hosting in the future and can’t wait to share them with you all.

Stay tuned!

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