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Scuba Confidential is a new, independent and free podcast dedicated to the world of diving hosted by two friends: Marcus Knight and Louise Holmes. Chatting over a beer one evening back in 2017 they decided it was high time scuba diving had a decent podcast, and so we set out to create a light-hearted look at the sport for divers and non-divers alike. 


Our podcast will cover various subjects and discussions from marine conservation to the importance of dive briefings, however, we hope it also provides listeners with some valuable advice and information, encourages safety and good practice and is of some benefit to likeminded divers wishing to develop on their scuba journey.

Scuba Confidential Podcast

Meet the team:

Introducing Marcus...aka 'The Scuba Monkey'. Master Instructor for both PADI and SSI. Lived and taught scuba around the world, including Australia, Asia, the Mediterranean Sea and the wreck heaven of Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands. Movie geek. Sarcastic. Loves travelling. Ability to fall asleep in the weirdest of places.

Introducing Louise...aka ‘The Hevingham Duchess’. Divemaster from 2011. Works part-time as a scuba centre assistant. Loves exotic reef dives and low vis UK dives equally. Music nerd. Perennially optimistic. Addicted to travel and chocolate. Can find an innuendo in most instances.

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